Oracle Portfolio - Design from 1999-2006
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HTML Mock Ups and Wire Frames
Oracle 9iAS Thin Client Welcome Page Design Mock Up for PM team and Development team.
Oracle Portal Online Homepage Design Mock Up
Site Maps and/or Task Flows

End User and Administration Task Flows Analysis on existing component applications for Oracle Collaboration Suite version 2.
Resolve problematic UI design for Oracle Portal “Create with Approval Portlet (Notification)” workflow design (Design Presentation).

Task Flow designs for Oracle Instant Messenger and Oracle Web Conferencing Run Time UI

Use Case Scenarios

Transaction Recording diagram shows an user scenario of how an URL session has been recorded through the Transaction Recording UI. Transaction Recording Flow only captured UI design for the Final UI Screens and Flow.
MS Outlook v/s ideal task flow mapping storyboard - Outlook Mail

Functional Spec. Documentation
Within Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) Version 2, some Development Common Web UI Documents and Functional Specifications have been created to assure that different development teams would follow the Common Web UI throughout the development cycle. UI Plan process is utilized to assure that UI design will meet the timelines of the development milestone and phases.
Usability Reports Containing Qualitative and/or Quantitative Analysis
The Proofreader UI - Research (competitors comparison) document analyzed some Proofreader UI design approaches from different competitive products. Some of the products reviewed had spell checkers and grammar checkers.
Taxonomy or Nomenclature issues

Oracle Portal Site Map Study for comparing various Site Map websites.
Analyzed and designed the Portlet Repository Categories and Improved Portal Repository UI for the following deployments: My Oracle (my.oracle.com), Portal Oracle (portal.oracle.com), Oracle Portal Portlet Partners (portalstuido.oracle.com).

Icons and Graphics Supports

Globalization locale data Languages and Territories images support for Oracle Servers.
Banner Arts, Splash Screens, Install Screens, and Logo support for the following areas:
Oracle Application Server 10g
, Oracle Developer Suite 10g
, Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g
Created thousands of icons and Wizards art for JDevelopers:
JDev icons - part A, JDev icons - part B, JDev Wizards art - old style, JDev Wizard art - new style
Lead and idea generation supported on Oracle new standard icons base on JDev set

Mobile and Web Application

Maintain and Improve existing OracleMobile Look-and-Feel consistently across websites. Supports 4 levels of Interaction Design from site application structure to icons.