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HEADS UP PARENTS (This is important.)
The YES! Entertainment Website is a fun place for kids, collectors and parents. We take great care, therefore, to follow the internet guidelines set up by the Children's Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau (known throughout the internet and the world as CARU.)Please help us in making the internet a safe and enjoyable experience for kids of all ages. Instruct your children to protect their privacy while online by never giving out personal information without your permission. In our effort to act responsibly, we do not solicit any personal information on our website: however, we cannot control websites that are linked to and from us. ALWAYS REMEMBER: It's up to you and your children to protect your private information.

YES! Entertainment's Privacy Policy
In an effort to create a responsible website for children to visit, YES! Entertainment is adhering to the following Privacy Policy:
  • The YES! Entertainment website will never require a visitor to submit any personal information including email address, names, ages or addresses.
  • Any information that is voluntarily submitted to YES! Entertainment via this website will not be sold or released to any third parties.
  • Any information that is voluntarily submitted will only be used for YES! Entertainment's internal marketing analysis and to improve our products and services.
  • YES! Entertainment does not collect, maintain or subscribe to mass email lists or services. The YES! Entertainment website does not generate or send out junk email to our visitors.
  • YES! Entertainment reserves the right to change
    and or update this policy at any time.


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