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Web Conferencing Console User Interaction Designs (updated 12.14.04)
Component User Interaction Interface Size
  • Console host tabs - single bar top bar: 70 pixels
  • Alerts x x x
  • Live Help x x x
Console Secondary Windows WIP Matrix (updated 11.22.04)
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Process User Window Type
  • New User Test all popup
  • Start Console all popup
  • Meeting Details all popup
  • Chat all with console
  • Chat in secondary window all 2nd window
  • Voice Streaming host popup
  • Dynamic Polling all popup
  • Attendee Privileges Management host/presenter frame
  • Recording host popup
  • Create Bookmark host/presenter popup
  • Save Snapshot all popup
  • Preferences all popup
  • Exit Meeting window all popup
  • PlayBack Control all popup
  • Start Playback all popup
  • Upload Document (Not in 10g R1) host popup
  • File Transfer (Not in 10g R1) host/attendee popup
Console Icons (updated 07.19.02)
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UI Area Last Updated
Console Toolbar 11.05.02
Chat 11.05.02
Secondary Windows 11.05.02
Branding 11.05.02

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Proposed OCSv2 Console Look & Feel (updated 10.02.02)
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An attempt to incorporate compelling look & adhere to Oracle's look & feel:

  • Current Console