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Interaction Design Process


UI Plan

UI Plan Template
  HTML Mock Ups and Wire Frames


A detailed design review of the most current (such and such) build of Product Name user interface was conducted on Such and such date. Through this review, ....

  UI Analysis

The UI review determined the following issues:

Action Plan

Below is a list of expected UI deliverables and a description of the UI process proposed. Additional reviews may be scheduled depending on the progress through each stage.

List of UI Deliverables from the UI Team

    1. Overall Product UI Flow Diagram
    2. Designs for “Key Pages”
    3. Some Detailed Design Pages (only if necessary, and jointly agreed upon)

UI Process

Phase I: Overall Product UI Flow Diagram
Phase II: Designs for “Key Pages”
Phase III: Some Detailed Design Pages
Phase IV: Final UI Review & Sign-Off

List of Development Deliverables


Access to functional specifications and supporting documents, that identify the overall concept of the product or its detailed functional designs.
Pointers to current and future reference builds, as they become available to the development team.

UI Process Assumptions

1. Collaboration and teamwork between developers (code-owners), product managers, development managers, and the UI team on an as-needed basis, to help ensure that all product requirements and deliverables are clearly understood and updated by all.
2. Inclusion in, or the establishment of, any email distribution list(s) where UI issues may be determined, discussed, or solved.
3. Adherence by both the UI team and development to agreed upon schedules for delivery of agreed upon designs, reviews, or other deliverables.
4. Usability evaluations of prototypes or development milestone product releases will be provided as determined by both the UI team and development. Prior to any agreed upon evaluation, a detailed proposal for the evaluation will be provided for development to review for validity and correction prior to the collection of data from customers.
5. All UI deliverables will be in the form of either Photoshop gif/jpeg files, html files or etc(prototypes).


The schedule for UI deliverables and reviews is based on a multi-phase approach, and is flexible, based on changes to RTM or other development milestone dates, or changes in product priorities. If a date for completion of a particular phase changes, subsequent dates may also change. As a result, updates will be made regularly to the schedule, and published for review by both UI and development teams.

UI Checkpoint #1
UI Checkpoint #2
UI Checkpoint #3
UI Checkpoint #4
UI Checkpoint #5
UI Designs Draft: Phase I Final: Phase I
Draft: Phase II
Final: Phase II
Draft: Phase III
Final Design
UI Reviews Phase I Phase II Phase III Final Design
Updates Review
Phase IV
Usability Activities (None) (None) TBD TBD TBD
Contacts and URLs

The following section outlines a list of UI/Usability and Development contacts for this project, as well as a website for managing all deliverables and shared resources between the teams.

UI Team Contacts:

Dev Team Contacts:


Marketing URL, doc., etc...:
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