Come Dream with Me Tonight

Snuggle up with Teddy Ruxpin® in his Airship and glide away through the starry night sky. Teddy Ruxpin and his two young friends are traveling to the Land of Grundo for six charming lullabies. There Teddy Ruxpin sings beautiful bedtime melodies that send his friends - and your children - off to enchanting adventures in Dreamland. It's a live action and animated story that spreads sandman magic. So drift off to the land of sweet dreams... with Teddy Ruxpin!

FREE Teddy Ruxpin Activity Book!
8 pages of games, coloring, fun and educational activities!

When you get sleepy, Teddy can sing lullabies with you together. And Teddy and you can look at the stars together too! It's all here in this FUN BOOK.

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The Treasure of Grundo
Guests of the Grunges
Escape from the Treacherous Mountains
Take a Good Look
Grubby's Romance
Come Dream with Me Tonight
Tweeg Gets the Tweezles

For ages 2 & up

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this product will benefit
Reading is Fundamental®, the nation's oldest and largest children's literacy organization.



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